Quintessence Gel Nail Reckless Red

RECKLESS RED: This color is a deep, true red. It can be mixed with any of the Quintessence Colors to create a vast number of hues.

QUINTESSENCE COLORS: the colors are a polymer NOT a polish. Cure all colors under a UV Lamp for 1 ½ minutes. Apply one thin coat for a sheer look, two thin coats for more intense color, if you get the product on to thick it will not cure through. The Quintessence Colors cannot be remove with acetone or any other nail polish remover. They must be filed off. To remove color, file it off with a 100 grit file. When all the color is removed you will still have a clear base coat to protect the natural nail from the file. Because of this fact, always overlay the natural nail first with Hyper- Base or Hyper-Build, fully cure that product, then buff off the shine and apply the color.

The Quintessence Colors are available in the following Colors: French White, Precious Pearl, Yearning Yellow, Natural White, Beguiling Blue , Reckless Red, Beyond Black.

All of the colors must be stirred well before use. Because they are polymers, you cannot shake them to re-suspend the pigments, like nail polish. Open the top and stir the product with the wooden end of an applicator swab or orange wood stick. The colors can be mixed with each other, to create about 20,000 colors. Have your clients help with the mixing of their own personal color and let them name it. You can use as you would any nail polish, French Manicures or be creative and do nail art. It’s GREAT for pedicures too! Buff toe nails and Hyper-Cleanse then apply Quintessence Color. Apply one thin coat to toes and cure for 1½ minutes. Put your shoes on and your ready to GO!

The Quintessence Color System will make it possible to do as many different, fun and exciting color applications that you can think of.

Reckless Red is available in 15 gram (0.5 ounce).