Quintessence Nails Hyper Base

HYPER-BASE NAIL GEL: is the primary overlay product used on the nail for adding instant strength or length. HYPER-BASE Gel cures under UV light, tack free with a high shine finish in only one minute. It looks like glass on the natural nail. It feels light and natural, yet is stronger then any acrylic or gel. This product gives you beautiful, strong, natural looking and natural feeling nails. Make sure you wrap this product around the free edge of the nail. Keep off the skin, use a manicure stick to make a free margin between the product and the skin.

Do not expose this product to direct UV Light the product will cure. You do not want to sit by a window or halogen light or any UV light source. Product can be affected by temperature changes.

Hyper-Base Gel is available in 15 gram (0.5 ounce) and 35 gram (1.25 ounce) sizes.